bkr bottle . 1L
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bkr bottle . 1L

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    No product you’re using is going to work if you’re dehydrated.

    Beauty 101: You’ve got to drink water + sleep. bkr can’t tuck you into bed early, but this luminous beauty essential will motivate you to drink 10x more water, and love it (like it’s cake). If you aren't drinking enough water there's no point. 

    bkr is made of BPA-free, phthalate-free, FDA approved materials. The bottle is soda-lime glass, the sleeve and gasket are silicone and the cap is made of food-grade, recyclable polypropylene.

    Glass is super fly, in every way. It's better for your body and the earth. It's chemically inert; it doesn't alter the taste of its contents and doesn't allow any unsafe chemicals to leach and make you sick. And it's is a fully recyclable material. It can be recycled endlessly and recovered glass is used as the majority ingredient in new glass containers. And without question, everything tastes better out of glass.

    bkr's silicone sleeve is perfectly soft and grippy—and non-toxic. It protects the glass, insulates whatever's inside it, is dishwasher safe, clean, beautiful, and minimal. Silicone is also 100% recyclable. You can find specialty recycling centers, or mail it back to us and we'll recycle it for you.

    BPA or Bisphenol A is a chemical found in plastic water bottles. It has been linked to a host of ailments including increased risk of cancer, obesity, early onset puberty, and diabetes. While many plastic products contain BPA replacements, we don't want to find out 10 years from now that those aren't safe either. There is no BPA in your bkr and we don't put a BPA replacement in it either.

    bkr comes in three sizes: teeny 250mL (8 oz), little 500mL (16 oz) and big 1L (32 oz). Teeny is 6.8 inches tall (17.3 cm), 2.6 inches wide (6.6 cm) and has a 0.8 inch (2.0 cm) opening. Little is 7.9 inches tall (20 cm), 3.1 inches wide (7.9 cm) and has a 0.8 inch (2.0 cm) opening. Big is 9.65 inches tall (24.5 cm), 3.94 inches wide (10 cm) and has a 0.95 inch (2.4 cm) opening.