FHF Dog book

Become a Certified Farmhouse Fresh Dog Bed Fairy when you purchase this book!

What do each of the dogs in the shelter say when given their very own dog bed? This funny, endearing, hard-cover picture book captures their thoughts in a furry tale that will touch your heart, while providing dog beds to shelters across the U.S. FHF donates $7 of each book purchase to buy beautiful, durable, washable dog beds. The average dog has 70 seconds to make a connection with a forever family walking through a shelter. A comfortable bed helps the dogs stay calm and feel less afraid, so a loving family will bring them home.

Shelters, rescues, and non-profits are selected, and asked to fill out a wish list. FHF pools the proceeds of your book purchases to fulfill their requests, so that one by one, each shelter we approach is completely outfitted, and dogs get the comfort they need.

Earn your Dog Bed Fairy Wings - or grant them to a friend or loved one!

Your friends and family will love this special book too, their hearts will sing knowing your purchase is comforting shelter dogs on their behalf, and they will FLIP when they see photos of themselves as a Dog Bed Fairy!

Post your personal photo on Instagram with the message #DogBedFairy, and tag your photo on Facebook using @FarmHouseFreshGoods, because the FHF flock will pick random fairies every month to receive free limited edition poster prints of pages from the book!

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