Greydons Germs Away Mist will solve many of your daily cleansing dilemmas such as dirty hands from public transit or from traveling, odours in your car or washroom, gym bags, shoes and especially your phone.

It's also handy to keep in your baby's room near the change table.

Not to mention, this Mist will be your yoga mat's best friend! The active ingredients in this formulation are potent (but non toxic) germ exterminators. Keep in it your bag, on your desk or at home for all your germ fighting needs!

If you like the refreshing scent of The Mist, you will also like Germs Away Blend, Eau Pour Garcons, All Over Soap + Shampoo and Hand + Foot Relief.

Please note the product photo is our 120 ml size. Email us if you'd like to see an image of the larger bottle.